Open Your Heart Not Your Mouth

25 October, 2016 (21:38) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

Sometimes people know how to push our buttons, our reactions become weak with anger, then disappointment.  We then resent what came out of our mouth in defense for our self.  We immediately respond without thought, without consideration or without truly listening to what the other person is saying or trying to say.  Judgement comes into play.  Assumptions come into play.  Then we miss the joy and the connection between us.  God has the power to heal.  He has the power to heal our relationships and the power to heal what comes out of our mouth.  We are all guilty of this at any given time in our life.  We have insulted others as others insulted us.  We have judged others as others have judged us.  We have made assumptions of others as others may have assumed us.  But only God can truly decide who is innocent of these treacherous things we do or say to each other.  It takes practice over and over, experiences over and over to actually consume the power of God within our heart.  But when we do consume God’s love, His forgiveness and His trust in His guidance, the words that will come out of our mouth will be acceptable to Him.  If we truly listen and follow His word, then our hearts will be opened to listen to the true essence of what the other person is saying. Think about this, what did Jesus do when people said things about Him, accused, and condemned Him?  He trusted in God our Father’s guidance to say what needed to be said.  Psalm: 19:14 “Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord my strength and my redeemer.”

New Resilience Program

22 April, 2015 (03:57) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

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What is Conversational Stress?

10 February, 2015 (01:24) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

When stressful situations occur where there is arguing and disagreements:

Usually No one is innocent and No one is blameless. What it all comes down to is… take a stressful situation that becomes compounded over time and eventually no one listens to the essence of what the other person is really saying. Unfortunately for many that is a common occurrence people experience in life that is destined to end in disaster. Then people have continued hurtful feelings left over even though everyone most likely had good intentions.

The results are communication and misunderstandings issues.



What is Stress??

20 January, 2015 (22:52) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

Think about this and let me know!!

What stresses you the most??

Repost: Can you love another parent’s child?

28 August, 2014 (02:20) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

To be completely honest, when my children were young I never thought I could ever love another person’s child but when we got our foster children… I did.

My husband and I together raised two wonderful children of our own, now both adults and living on their own.   We love them dearly.  When my children were young, I would hold them close to my heart and the immediate bond I felt for them at birth was unbreakable.  Their love and innocence just shined brilliantly.  I never wanted to let them go and to this day I occasionally wish I could turn back the clock to hold them one more time in my arms.

Special moments are when your baby starts to coo, babble, or vocalizes spontaneously, grips your finger, plays with his or her toes, or just smiles to be friendly; it is a beautiful experience!  As they grow, not only their physical and mental characteristics change but their personality traits begin to develop, an increase in social and emotional characteristics blossom too.  These are all precious moments to enjoy!  It is a very special blessing it is a gift from God.  It is a love that only a true parent knows in their heart.   Those happy moments are irreplaceable! They can bring positive emotions during rough times.

Raising a child is never easy and can be a challenging task at times, but by focusing on the positive it can be very rewarding. Is anything really easy in life? In the end your child is a creation of you, they become your work of art, they are the result of all your hard work.  Many times they are just like you, habits, morals, values etc.  The bond is never severed.

Now take a child who was taken from their parents and comes into your home scared, alone, lost, sad… the list just goes on, but they are still a child; a child of God, a child that you can give hope.

Fostering someone else child is different and more difficult.  You don’t have the basic assurances that you have with your own child.  You do not have the bond that was created at birth.  They come into your home as is.  It’s whatever the mold that was created before you ever met him or her, whatever the difficulties that they have bared, they bring it with them. You just never know what “that” is and suddenly they live with you in your home.  Then you have to learn to live with the way he or she is.  You take him/her with the hope that he will get better through your efforts and your love with no guarantee.

When we got our three foster children, it was not easy. With our hard work teaching each of them many things like academics, manners, morals, values, respect etc.  “And” managing all the unexpected challenges involved in foster care all at the same time.  After a short while without realizing these children became part of our family.   We began to realize we loved them too.

It just happened.  I can’t tell you exactly how or why, it just did.

We wanted to protect them as if they were our own.  We wanted to take away all their pain. We worried about them.  We held them in our arms and rocked them to sleep, we laughed together, cried together, we had fun together. They too became a very special part of our life.  There will always be a special place in our hearts just for them.  Just because we did not share the initial bond at birth as with our own children, it was a different kind of bonding. We even feel a connection with their bio family and feel compelled to be there for them too.  Why…. there is no explanation.

Now they have moved on and doing great back home.  We continue to pray they will always be safe and hope they took what they learned while living with us; while all the bad that had ever happened to them and their family in the past is just dust in the wind.  “Only good will enter into their life from now on”

So the answer is YES, you can love someone else’s child, no doubt about it.  You just need to open your heart!

Repost: In Memory of My Father, For anyone who has lost a loved one

22 August, 2014 (21:25) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

After fifteen years of illness, it was Thanksgiving morning 1988, a morning I will never forget.  It was the day my dad went to heaven.  My husband and I returned home after a long night at the hospital.  As we pulled into the driveway of our home, we parked the car and I immediately got out of the vehicle.  I could not cry or speak, I believe I was in shock.  I realized what had just happened while my husband held me in his arms and close to his heart.  I had just lost my dad. Thoughts were rumbling through my mind.  I suddenly realized I would never physically see my dad again.

Even though I knew he was sick for a long time and knew the day was to pass, it never seems that we are truly prepared.  I know I wasn’t.  Even though I knew his pain was over and I trusted he was going to a beautiful place, my faith seemed small.  I felt emptiness in my heart.

Months had passed and the pain I felt inside of me was unbearable.  Even with my gift of seeing and communicating with other people’s deceased loved ones, I still didn’t know how to release this connection with him so I could move on with my own life.   I loved my dad so much that I remember when he was in the hospital for the last two months of his life, I prayed so hard to myself.  No one knew I prayed not only for his healing but I had asked God to take me in his place.  But God didn’t listen.  That was not my destiny I had chosen for myself.  While being young and on my own journey in life, experiencing challenges, and making choices, I had a lot yet to learn about that.

As time passed the pain in my heart eased a little, but I wanted so badly to hear his voice as a reminder he is still around.  Every so often he would come into my dreams at night, he said God would only let him stay for a short visit then he had to return to heaven.  I would wake up feeling like I just spent the entire day with him having conversations like we did when he was alive.

Shorty after his passing, a movie came out called “Eddie and the Cruisers.”  I am sure a lot of you remember it.  Well, I would listen to the music that John Cafferty sang for that movie.  When my spirits were down from missing my dad, I continuously played “Tender Years” and “only the very end” of “Season in Hell.” The words in the very end of this song are…”Can you hear the sound, Can you see the light, Can you feel the whole world around…”

Toward the end of that part of the song, I started hearing someone saying something which was not there when I purchased the tape.  The more I would listen to the song the clearer it became.  After several months, it became clear as day.  It was my dad’s voice saying “Mena”.  Everyone in my family who heard it, would recognize my father’s voice, they instantly knew it was him and clearly heard what he was saying on the cassette “Mena”.

Years later when cassettes were becoming extinct and CD’s became more popular we purchased a CD of “John Cafferty, Eddie and the Cruisers”.  Low and behold, the voice and words of my dad were clear as day; “Mena” my nickname.  If you are E & the C movie fan, just listen to the song in the movie it is NOT there, but listen to the CD it is there, if it is not, then it’s only on mine.

I am not saying this can happen to every person who is grieving over a loved one, for me it restored my faith and gave me hope in believing once again.  It clearly showed me there is life on the other side and my loved ones are with me when I call upon them.

God did hear my cry.

Don’t assume our loved ones are gone forever.  That my friend is far from the truth!  If you have lost a loved one, I wish with all my heart you could hear their voice just one more time like I did.  Believe, keep the faith and trust that they are still with you because they are.  Listen to your thoughts, keep the memories and feel their presence.

We just can’t physically see them like they were here on earth.

Many Blessings,


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Angels of Love

7 July, 2014 (22:16) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

When God shines His divine white light upon each of us who pray and trust in Him, that light will shine so bright, feel warm and is of pure love.  When bad spirits torment an individual, it is usually associated with a weakness deep within that person’s heart.  That weakness is a fear within.  What happens is; we are actually inviting them into our life without even realizing it is being done.  That fear within attracts roaming spirits or earthbound spirits that refuse to cross over.  These spirits are usually associated as deceased humans or ghosts who refuse to leave earth.  An example of these spirits would be, they may be holding onto something as material things or emotional things from their earthly life.  So they stay roaming the earth and tormenting the weak.  They are still filled with anger, fear, sadness, control, resentment etc. from when they were alive on earth.  They have not found closure in their own life.  The others are gargoyles which some call fallen angels.  These two type of spirits are not angels, they have no light whatsoever, especially the gargoyles which are really ugly.  These types of spirits will prey, torment and scare the weak at heart or the weak minded.  As Doreen Virtue quotes, “If you are an abuser of any kind, dishonest, cruel, manipulative and obsessively afraid of evil, you will constantly attract these dark beings.”

The true angels of God have glowing inner radiance of His love.  His angels always act and give messages with love.  If you have good intentions and your heart is filled with love, basically if you are an overall good loving person there is never a need to worry about being protected from these dark beings.  Don’t give them any opportunity to enter into your life.  God is our creator.  He has created all that is good, pure and full of love.  But he has given His people the option of free will.  Open your heart to His loving spirit.  Hold His pure love in your mind and heart.  Surround yourself with His love allways.  God created His beautiful Angels of light to protect each and every one of us.  We all have guardian angels, call upon them daily. In addition, ask Archangel Michael to protect you, to surround you with God’s light and to escort any type of darkness away from you.  As I have mentioned many times in my writings, just as you would only invite certain guests into your home, it is the same in the spiritual world.  If you do not want them in your home, don’t let them in.

If someone in your life passes over that you were very close to, sometimes you may tend to ask your deceased loved one for advice.  Their answers may not be what God would tell you but only what your loved one would say just like when they were alive, it would be the same as when they are dead.  Though it feels good to be assured they are doing well and knowing they are still in your life.  It is still best and just as easy to ask God for advice while knowing that the answer you will get will be the true answer you seek and specifically right for you.  Being in contact with deceased loved ones rapidly heals the process of grief but not more than that.  It is not a sin, it is closure, forgiveness, and love or a release of anger, confusion, sadness etc. It is just a healing process.  If it is more than that, this is what God has warned us against throughout the Bible.  That is why he has sent His only son Jesus to teach us this simple process, to trust in God alone and trust in His word alone.   This is how we learn what true love is, how to forgive and at the same time we must not put trust in other humans or departed souls for their advice.  We must trust and ask for advice through only His divine connection.  This is the teachings that Jesus urges us to do.  Jesus is with us every moment of our life if we let him into our heart.  If we do he can help us achieve the plan God has for each of us.

By the time I was in my late twenties early thirties, I had given birth to our two sons.   Though I love my sons very much, I so dearly wanted a daughter, but I was told by the doctors I couldn’t have any more children and had to have a complete hysterectomy instead.  I was devastated and took it very hard.  At the time we were living in our home that was built in 1905 back in New York.  When I found out about this disappointing news, my fear attracted a young mischievous girl ghost to enter our home.  She tormented me, my husband and children constantly.  She would open the back door and set off the alarm. She would scare the kids and wake them up during the night.  She turned on the vacuum in the middle of the night. She would disguise herself.  She would wake me up, show me something shiny and beautiful then try to scare the wits out of me.  She really became a problem in our home.  At the time I didn’t understand that my fear, weakness or vulnerability was actually making this situation worse.  Though I still prayed and thought my faith was strong, I didn’t realize how much I began to drift away from Jesus and the light of God from frustration.  I was tired of the sadness in my life.

Finally after a year of this torment, we finally called a friend who was a Franciscan Priest who traveled the world and had experience with these types of spiritual torments. We asked him to visit and bless our home.  When he arrived he first took me aside and asked me what I was going through at that time in my life.  I told him I was angry, I wanted to be pregnant with a baby girl which I felt I was supposed to have but was told to have surgery instead. This would prevent me from ever having another child especially the girl I had always dreamt about having and I had no control over that decision.  After our discussion in regards to releasing this deep disappointment within my heart and the anger I had against God.  We began praying together. I replaced the anger in my heart with love.  Later he blessed our home.  After that day of reckoning, I never had a problem with this little girl tormenting me or my family again.

This was a weakness burning within my heart creating my biggest fear, the fear of sadness, of anger about never having a daughter of my own. Once I gave that fear up to God, I trusted in Him that he had a better plan for me, I was able to release that fear, anger and disappointment.  While filling my heart with love and gratitude for the children I have I was no longer tormented by this earthbound spirit.  I also prayed for her to find the light.

Earthbound spirits, gargoyles or any type of dark tormenting spirits can only enter your life when you let them into your heart and mind, your life, or your home.  Only let God’s love to enter to always experience His goodness.  Always ask Him for guidance in finding your answers.  Open your heart to Him alone… Pray, trust in Him and say Come Holy Spirit Come, Come into My Heart!  Ask Him to send His Divine Beings to guide and protect you and it will be done.



Easter Season

7 April, 2014 (23:37) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

Easter Season is upon us.  What does this time of year really mean? God gave His only son to die on the cross for us.  Why did he send his son? Not just for our sins, but because he loves us and cares for us.  Just like then as in this day and age we are forced to sometimes needing an eye opener.  Easter is a yearly reminder of that.  Before Jesus death he traveled by foot  to preach God’s words.  Jesus did it with a pure and open  heart.  He taught God’s people by spreading God’s words.  Even though Jesus knew he was going to have a painful death he still trusted, believed and respected his father. He knew he had to be on this quest because the people were out of control, they needed guidance, and the world needed to change.  Jesus was willing to do this by giving up his life and he knew in the end God will prevail.

Now lets come the present time.  Even though life on earth is not easy, we too must do the same by trusting, believing and keeping the respect for our father in heaven.  Jesus gave his life so we can learn how to  lead a better life, but many times we forget because we get so caught up in everyday situations that are stressful and disappointing.  We must look beyond this sadness in life and rejoice instead.  God gave each of us a quest in life or some call it a purpose in life.  You need to complete that quest or purpose.  Maybe your quest is not as dramatic as Jesus who died on the cross and suffered severe pain.  Maybe for you it is a very small quest, but it is your quest, it is your purpose in life that you have to accomplish.  By accomplishing your quest, we are accomplishing God’s quest because we are being the individual God created us for.  Easter time reminds us of how we need to trust in him, believe  in him and be the person we are born to be in order to accomplish our quest.

This time of year is a time of peace and a time of forgiveness.   It is a time to have a pure heart.  By being pure at heart, the sadness from the past or the sadness in the present, will lesson.  Peace and forgiveness will bring Joy in your heart.  That joyousness will enter your heart and will open new doors.  Miracles do happen.  Have a Blessed Easter Season.  Filomena

God Keeps Us Safe

1 April, 2014 (02:17) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

God can and will keep us protected all the time, but we have to ask for his help and trust in him that it is done.  PRAY.   He has given us Jesus, guardian angels, archangels etc. to keep us safe.  But, we still have free will.  Meaning we first have to ask and then believe.  If you feel attacked by evil or negativity, Archangel Michael and Jesus can help.  Though all the beautiful lights are Gods,  you can ask Michael to vacuum out any attachments from your body and then ask him to surround you with purple/royal blue light of protection and ask Jesus to surround you with his gold light and ask God to seal all his colors with his Divine white light.  Ask him to cleanse your surroundings. Then have faith that it is taken care of.  If there are entities in your home, ask Michael to escort them out, to never return.  Bless your entire home with Holy Water, put natural sand and salt around your home.  Ask for protection every day by praying.  Exclude alcohol and recreational drugs, only take medication prescribe by your doctor, limit visits to cemeteries or crowds. If you do go to these places ask for extra protection.  These are places and things that weaken our bodies and where spirits find an open space to enter our life and bodies.  They want to continue living in someone else life so they look for a weak person. Pray, believe, and trust.  You will know if it is of God’s divine beings by beautiful sparkles of light, the angels answers are always positive and loving. God’s loving angels never lie.  You have to learn the difference and you will, ask Michael for help, he is very powerful.  Hope that answers your question “J”.    Blessings Filomena


Being Healthy Isn’t Just About Eating Healthy & Physical Exercise!

30 October, 2013 (21:55) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

Being healthy isn’t just about eating healthy and physical exercise.  Being healthy is far beyond food and exercise.  It is about your mind and heart being coherent. Yes, eating right and exercising are important without a doubt, but it is deeper than that.  It is about one’s mental weight gain or weight loss.  It comes from your inner thoughts and feelings. It is the most, deepest sensitive area you can imagine. It is your inner most sacred part of your body where it bears your soul and your core. It is truly who you are.  It is your heart, both the physical and spiritual areas.  It is your direct connection to the Divine, a place where you will find all your answers.  Without changing what is in your heart, the challenge of life’s weight loss or gain can become a constant challenge.  The weight of the world becomes the weight on your body or the weight of the world eats away at your body.


When you become stressed from all the little things in life, those little things build up and the stress in your body builds up over time like a pile of dirt being shoveled on top of each other.  Your body then breaks down at a slow pace without you even knowing it.  When you realize this is happening you may either get into a mode of “ok I am going to change it right now” or “I am tired and can’t do it anymore”. The mode of “changing it” is when you may be drastically shocked by something that has happened in your life. Death in the family, illness, divorce, financial distress etc.  You are in panic mode trying to change it “now.”  For some it may work because it is a wakeup call.  It becomes an incentive to make that change better, but for others it could just bring them even lower than ever with an even bigger challenge ahead of them.  None of us are alike, we are all individuals with some similarities that are connected through the force of the Divine.  Because of this Divine connection between all of us, your thoughts and feelings can be triggered unintentionally by the people around us on a daily basis.  You have the power to change those thoughts and feelings by making a difference in your own life by having an open heart to the direct connection to the God.  That is why changing your old stored memories to new happy ones will change everything including you inner self and what is all around you.  The weight will be lifted and not eat away at you anymore.


We may change our eating habits by eating more or less and we may exercise more or less.  But when we have lost the one grasp of beauty and love in our heart, life becomes more difficult.  Life becomes a bigger challenge.  Life’s weight gain or loss occurs.  Not only does the weight on our body change to heavy or light, but the weight in our life also changes to heavy or light.  When life becomes too heavy with stress, our body becomes heavy with exhaustion and illness, new and unexpected challenges to deal with.  You may notice you are suddenly gaining lots of weight due to stress.  Or you may be a person whose body loses a ton of weight when under lots of stress.  Either way notice the changes in your body. When life’s stresses are heavy, your body will change; when things are going good and life stresses are light, your body will change. 


No matter how your body reacts, remember to stop, take notice of these changes and put it to a halt immediately before it becomes a bigger challenge for you in all ways.  Take that stroll down memory lane, the one with the fresh air that you always enjoyed as a kid. Revitalize by keeping your mind and heart clear of debris.  Change those thoughts and feelings that are stored in your memory banks. Stop replaying old movies, instead make a new movie of how wonderful your life is and how beautiful you really are.  Pick one thing in your life that makes you happy and hold it in your heart.  Slowly with practice, the change for the better will happen, that will be your ultimate salvation.  Changing those stored memories may be unnoticeable at first, but that’s ok.  Stick with it.  If it is only one thing in your life that makes you happy, train yourself to remember that very one thing.  Remember it every time there is a challenge to deal with.  No matter what changes you need to do to make healthier life changes.  The biggest challenge lies right in the core of your heart.  Once you make that Divine connection and your thoughts and your heart are coherent, everything you need will be right in your grasp.  When your mind and heart are coherent, you have just made the first step to a healthier life style.  The challenges of life’s weight gain or loss will only be temporary.  Your coherent mind and heart will automatically have the answers you are looking for…guidance, strength or the right people needed in your life at that moment etc.  Every challenge will have an answer no matter what it is with Heart, Mind and Divine Connection!