Being Healthy Isn’t Just About Eating Healthy & Physical Exercise!

30 October, 2013 (21:55) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

Being healthy isn’t just about eating healthy and physical exercise.  Being healthy is far beyond food and exercise.  It is about your mind and heart being coherent. Yes, eating right and exercising are important without a doubt, but it is deeper than that.  It is about one’s mental weight gain or weight loss.  It comes from your inner thoughts and feelings. It is the most, deepest sensitive area you can imagine. It is your inner most sacred part of your body where it bears your soul and your core. It is truly who you are.  It is your heart, both the physical and spiritual areas.  It is your direct connection to the Divine, a place where you will find all your answers.  Without changing what is in your heart, the challenge of life’s weight loss or gain can become a constant challenge.  The weight of the world becomes the weight on your body or the weight of the world eats away at your body.


When you become stressed from all the little things in life, those little things build up and the stress in your body builds up over time like a pile of dirt being shoveled on top of each other.  Your body then breaks down at a slow pace without you even knowing it.  When you realize this is happening you may either get into a mode of “ok I am going to change it right now” or “I am tired and can’t do it anymore”. The mode of “changing it” is when you may be drastically shocked by something that has happened in your life. Death in the family, illness, divorce, financial distress etc.  You are in panic mode trying to change it “now.”  For some it may work because it is a wakeup call.  It becomes an incentive to make that change better, but for others it could just bring them even lower than ever with an even bigger challenge ahead of them.  None of us are alike, we are all individuals with some similarities that are connected through the force of the Divine.  Because of this Divine connection between all of us, your thoughts and feelings can be triggered unintentionally by the people around us on a daily basis.  You have the power to change those thoughts and feelings by making a difference in your own life by having an open heart to the direct connection to the God.  That is why changing your old stored memories to new happy ones will change everything including you inner self and what is all around you.  The weight will be lifted and not eat away at you anymore.


We may change our eating habits by eating more or less and we may exercise more or less.  But when we have lost the one grasp of beauty and love in our heart, life becomes more difficult.  Life becomes a bigger challenge.  Life’s weight gain or loss occurs.  Not only does the weight on our body change to heavy or light, but the weight in our life also changes to heavy or light.  When life becomes too heavy with stress, our body becomes heavy with exhaustion and illness, new and unexpected challenges to deal with.  You may notice you are suddenly gaining lots of weight due to stress.  Or you may be a person whose body loses a ton of weight when under lots of stress.  Either way notice the changes in your body. When life’s stresses are heavy, your body will change; when things are going good and life stresses are light, your body will change. 


No matter how your body reacts, remember to stop, take notice of these changes and put it to a halt immediately before it becomes a bigger challenge for you in all ways.  Take that stroll down memory lane, the one with the fresh air that you always enjoyed as a kid. Revitalize by keeping your mind and heart clear of debris.  Change those thoughts and feelings that are stored in your memory banks. Stop replaying old movies, instead make a new movie of how wonderful your life is and how beautiful you really are.  Pick one thing in your life that makes you happy and hold it in your heart.  Slowly with practice, the change for the better will happen, that will be your ultimate salvation.  Changing those stored memories may be unnoticeable at first, but that’s ok.  Stick with it.  If it is only one thing in your life that makes you happy, train yourself to remember that very one thing.  Remember it every time there is a challenge to deal with.  No matter what changes you need to do to make healthier life changes.  The biggest challenge lies right in the core of your heart.  Once you make that Divine connection and your thoughts and your heart are coherent, everything you need will be right in your grasp.  When your mind and heart are coherent, you have just made the first step to a healthier life style.  The challenges of life’s weight gain or loss will only be temporary.  Your coherent mind and heart will automatically have the answers you are looking for…guidance, strength or the right people needed in your life at that moment etc.  Every challenge will have an answer no matter what it is with Heart, Mind and Divine Connection!




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