God Keeps Us Safe

1 April, 2014 (02:17) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

God can and will keep us protected all the time, but we have to ask for his help and trust in him that it is done.  PRAY.   He has given us Jesus, guardian angels, archangels etc. to keep us safe.  But, we still have free will.  Meaning we first have to ask and then believe.  If you feel attacked by evil or negativity, Archangel Michael and Jesus can help.  Though all the beautiful lights are Gods,  you can ask Michael to vacuum out any attachments from your body and then ask him to surround you with purple/royal blue light of protection and ask Jesus to surround you with his gold light and ask God to seal all his colors with his Divine white light.  Ask him to cleanse your surroundings. Then have faith that it is taken care of.  If there are entities in your home, ask Michael to escort them out, to never return.  Bless your entire home with Holy Water, put natural sand and salt around your home.  Ask for protection every day by praying.  Exclude alcohol and recreational drugs, only take medication prescribe by your doctor, limit visits to cemeteries or crowds. If you do go to these places ask for extra protection.  These are places and things that weaken our bodies and where spirits find an open space to enter our life and bodies.  They want to continue living in someone else life so they look for a weak person. Pray, believe, and trust.  You will know if it is of God’s divine beings by beautiful sparkles of light, the angels answers are always positive and loving. God’s loving angels never lie.  You have to learn the difference and you will, ask Michael for help, he is very powerful.  Hope that answers your question “J”.    Blessings Filomena


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