Easter Season

7 April, 2014 (23:37) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

Easter Season is upon us.  What does this time of year really mean? God gave His only son to die on the cross for us.  Why did he send his son? Not just for our sins, but because he loves us and cares for us.  Just like then as in this day and age we are forced to sometimes needing an eye opener.  Easter is a yearly reminder of that.  Before Jesus death he traveled by foot  to preach God’s words.  Jesus did it with a pure and open  heart.  He taught God’s people by spreading God’s words.  Even though Jesus knew he was going to have a painful death he still trusted, believed and respected his father. He knew he had to be on this quest because the people were out of control, they needed guidance, and the world needed to change.  Jesus was willing to do this by giving up his life and he knew in the end God will prevail.

Now lets come the present time.  Even though life on earth is not easy, we too must do the same by trusting, believing and keeping the respect for our father in heaven.  Jesus gave his life so we can learn how to  lead a better life, but many times we forget because we get so caught up in everyday situations that are stressful and disappointing.  We must look beyond this sadness in life and rejoice instead.  God gave each of us a quest in life or some call it a purpose in life.  You need to complete that quest or purpose.  Maybe your quest is not as dramatic as Jesus who died on the cross and suffered severe pain.  Maybe for you it is a very small quest, but it is your quest, it is your purpose in life that you have to accomplish.  By accomplishing your quest, we are accomplishing God’s quest because we are being the individual God created us for.  Easter time reminds us of how we need to trust in him, believe  in him and be the person we are born to be in order to accomplish our quest.

This time of year is a time of peace and a time of forgiveness.   It is a time to have a pure heart.  By being pure at heart, the sadness from the past or the sadness in the present, will lesson.  Peace and forgiveness will bring Joy in your heart.  That joyousness will enter your heart and will open new doors.  Miracles do happen.  Have a Blessed Easter Season.  Filomena

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