Angels of Love

7 July, 2014 (22:16) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

When God shines His divine white light upon each of us who pray and trust in Him, that light will shine so bright, feel warm and is of pure love.  When bad spirits torment an individual, it is usually associated with a weakness deep within that person’s heart.  That weakness is a fear within.  What happens is; we are actually inviting them into our life without even realizing it is being done.  That fear within attracts roaming spirits or earthbound spirits that refuse to cross over.  These spirits are usually associated as deceased humans or ghosts who refuse to leave earth.  An example of these spirits would be, they may be holding onto something as material things or emotional things from their earthly life.  So they stay roaming the earth and tormenting the weak.  They are still filled with anger, fear, sadness, control, resentment etc. from when they were alive on earth.  They have not found closure in their own life.  The others are gargoyles which some call fallen angels.  These two type of spirits are not angels, they have no light whatsoever, especially the gargoyles which are really ugly.  These types of spirits will prey, torment and scare the weak at heart or the weak minded.  As Doreen Virtue quotes, “If you are an abuser of any kind, dishonest, cruel, manipulative and obsessively afraid of evil, you will constantly attract these dark beings.”

The true angels of God have glowing inner radiance of His love.  His angels always act and give messages with love.  If you have good intentions and your heart is filled with love, basically if you are an overall good loving person there is never a need to worry about being protected from these dark beings.  Don’t give them any opportunity to enter into your life.  God is our creator.  He has created all that is good, pure and full of love.  But he has given His people the option of free will.  Open your heart to His loving spirit.  Hold His pure love in your mind and heart.  Surround yourself with His love allways.  God created His beautiful Angels of light to protect each and every one of us.  We all have guardian angels, call upon them daily. In addition, ask Archangel Michael to protect you, to surround you with God’s light and to escort any type of darkness away from you.  As I have mentioned many times in my writings, just as you would only invite certain guests into your home, it is the same in the spiritual world.  If you do not want them in your home, don’t let them in.

If someone in your life passes over that you were very close to, sometimes you may tend to ask your deceased loved one for advice.  Their answers may not be what God would tell you but only what your loved one would say just like when they were alive, it would be the same as when they are dead.  Though it feels good to be assured they are doing well and knowing they are still in your life.  It is still best and just as easy to ask God for advice while knowing that the answer you will get will be the true answer you seek and specifically right for you.  Being in contact with deceased loved ones rapidly heals the process of grief but not more than that.  It is not a sin, it is closure, forgiveness, and love or a release of anger, confusion, sadness etc. It is just a healing process.  If it is more than that, this is what God has warned us against throughout the Bible.  That is why he has sent His only son Jesus to teach us this simple process, to trust in God alone and trust in His word alone.   This is how we learn what true love is, how to forgive and at the same time we must not put trust in other humans or departed souls for their advice.  We must trust and ask for advice through only His divine connection.  This is the teachings that Jesus urges us to do.  Jesus is with us every moment of our life if we let him into our heart.  If we do he can help us achieve the plan God has for each of us.

By the time I was in my late twenties early thirties, I had given birth to our two sons.   Though I love my sons very much, I so dearly wanted a daughter, but I was told by the doctors I couldn’t have any more children and had to have a complete hysterectomy instead.  I was devastated and took it very hard.  At the time we were living in our home that was built in 1905 back in New York.  When I found out about this disappointing news, my fear attracted a young mischievous girl ghost to enter our home.  She tormented me, my husband and children constantly.  She would open the back door and set off the alarm. She would scare the kids and wake them up during the night.  She turned on the vacuum in the middle of the night. She would disguise herself.  She would wake me up, show me something shiny and beautiful then try to scare the wits out of me.  She really became a problem in our home.  At the time I didn’t understand that my fear, weakness or vulnerability was actually making this situation worse.  Though I still prayed and thought my faith was strong, I didn’t realize how much I began to drift away from Jesus and the light of God from frustration.  I was tired of the sadness in my life.

Finally after a year of this torment, we finally called a friend who was a Franciscan Priest who traveled the world and had experience with these types of spiritual torments. We asked him to visit and bless our home.  When he arrived he first took me aside and asked me what I was going through at that time in my life.  I told him I was angry, I wanted to be pregnant with a baby girl which I felt I was supposed to have but was told to have surgery instead. This would prevent me from ever having another child especially the girl I had always dreamt about having and I had no control over that decision.  After our discussion in regards to releasing this deep disappointment within my heart and the anger I had against God.  We began praying together. I replaced the anger in my heart with love.  Later he blessed our home.  After that day of reckoning, I never had a problem with this little girl tormenting me or my family again.

This was a weakness burning within my heart creating my biggest fear, the fear of sadness, of anger about never having a daughter of my own. Once I gave that fear up to God, I trusted in Him that he had a better plan for me, I was able to release that fear, anger and disappointment.  While filling my heart with love and gratitude for the children I have I was no longer tormented by this earthbound spirit.  I also prayed for her to find the light.

Earthbound spirits, gargoyles or any type of dark tormenting spirits can only enter your life when you let them into your heart and mind, your life, or your home.  Only let God’s love to enter to always experience His goodness.  Always ask Him for guidance in finding your answers.  Open your heart to Him alone… Pray, trust in Him and say Come Holy Spirit Come, Come into My Heart!  Ask Him to send His Divine Beings to guide and protect you and it will be done.



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