Repost: In Memory of My Father, For anyone who has lost a loved one

22 August, 2014 (21:25) | Heavenly Beings | By: Filomena

After fifteen years of illness, it was Thanksgiving morning 1988, a morning I will never forget.  It was the day my dad went to heaven.  My husband and I returned home after a long night at the hospital.  As we pulled into the driveway of our home, we parked the car and I immediately got out of the vehicle.  I could not cry or speak, I believe I was in shock.  I realized what had just happened while my husband held me in his arms and close to his heart.  I had just lost my dad. Thoughts were rumbling through my mind.  I suddenly realized I would never physically see my dad again.

Even though I knew he was sick for a long time and knew the day was to pass, it never seems that we are truly prepared.  I know I wasn’t.  Even though I knew his pain was over and I trusted he was going to a beautiful place, my faith seemed small.  I felt emptiness in my heart.

Months had passed and the pain I felt inside of me was unbearable.  Even with my gift of seeing and communicating with other people’s deceased loved ones, I still didn’t know how to release this connection with him so I could move on with my own life.   I loved my dad so much that I remember when he was in the hospital for the last two months of his life, I prayed so hard to myself.  No one knew I prayed not only for his healing but I had asked God to take me in his place.  But God didn’t listen.  That was not my destiny I had chosen for myself.  While being young and on my own journey in life, experiencing challenges, and making choices, I had a lot yet to learn about that.

As time passed the pain in my heart eased a little, but I wanted so badly to hear his voice as a reminder he is still around.  Every so often he would come into my dreams at night, he said God would only let him stay for a short visit then he had to return to heaven.  I would wake up feeling like I just spent the entire day with him having conversations like we did when he was alive.

Shorty after his passing, a movie came out called “Eddie and the Cruisers.”  I am sure a lot of you remember it.  Well, I would listen to the music that John Cafferty sang for that movie.  When my spirits were down from missing my dad, I continuously played “Tender Years” and “only the very end” of “Season in Hell.” The words in the very end of this song are…”Can you hear the sound, Can you see the light, Can you feel the whole world around…”

Toward the end of that part of the song, I started hearing someone saying something which was not there when I purchased the tape.  The more I would listen to the song the clearer it became.  After several months, it became clear as day.  It was my dad’s voice saying “Mena”.  Everyone in my family who heard it, would recognize my father’s voice, they instantly knew it was him and clearly heard what he was saying on the cassette “Mena”.

Years later when cassettes were becoming extinct and CD’s became more popular we purchased a CD of “John Cafferty, Eddie and the Cruisers”.  Low and behold, the voice and words of my dad were clear as day; “Mena” my nickname.  If you are E & the C movie fan, just listen to the song in the movie it is NOT there, but listen to the CD it is there, if it is not, then it’s only on mine.

I am not saying this can happen to every person who is grieving over a loved one, for me it restored my faith and gave me hope in believing once again.  It clearly showed me there is life on the other side and my loved ones are with me when I call upon them.

God did hear my cry.

Don’t assume our loved ones are gone forever.  That my friend is far from the truth!  If you have lost a loved one, I wish with all my heart you could hear their voice just one more time like I did.  Believe, keep the faith and trust that they are still with you because they are.  Listen to your thoughts, keep the memories and feel their presence.

We just can’t physically see them like they were here on earth.

Many Blessings,


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